Many Immigrants Granted Citizenship on Canada Day

Canadian Visa Expert: Many Immigrants Granted Citizenship on Canada Day

On the 1st of July 2022, Canada celebrated its 155th anniversary of confederation. That same day, an in-person ceremony was held for new Canadians to take their Oath of Citizenship. The in-person oath-taking ceremony was the first of its kind in the last two years.

This year’s Canada Day holiday was such a great day for many people across the country as they became Canadian citizens, said a representative of Canadian Visa Expert.  

About thirty persons swore their oath in person, while 19 others took it virtually. Among those who took the in-person oath was a family of four based in the Halifax area. This family couldn’t hide their joy as they felt extra special at the event, being the first to perform the exercise in-person after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details about the Citizenship Ceremony

The citizenship ceremony took place on the Halifax Waterfront at Queen’s Marque. According to Canadian Visa Expert, the Federal Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the Honorable Sean Fraser, administered the oath of citizenship to the new Canadian citizens.

The Minister acknowledged that becoming Canadian is a pivotal moment in a Canadian immigrant’s journey. Fraser further explained that the citizenship ceremony marks the beginning of a new chapter in the immigrant’s Canadian story.

The new citizens were in agreement, as they all expressed their gladness and counted it a privilege to become a Canadian.

Canada Continues to Welcome Immigrants

Undoubtedly, Canada is one country that exhibits a deep commitment to helping the world’s most vulnerable as well as skilled immigrants. The country continues to welcome and embrace newcomers into its provinces and territories with open arms. Proof of this is the recent citizenship ceremony that afforded about 49 people the chance to become Canadian citizens.