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Here Is Why Canada Has a Younger Population

Surprisingly, the population of Canada has reportedly gotten younger. This report is the first of its kind since 1971. The major driver for this potential reversal of a demographic trend is the government’s open immigration policies.

According to a recent report by the national statistics agency, there will be a slight reduction in the median age of people living in Canada in 2022. The median age is given to be 41 and it’s reportedly the first decline to have been recorded in over five decades. Since 1971, the median age rose steadily from 26.2 to 41.1 last year as the population ages, an observation made in many advanced economies.

Canadian Visa Expert emphasized that the reduction in median age shows the positive impact of immigration to Canada.

Canada’s Population Growth

Canada has recently increased its effort to allow the migration of working-age immigrants into the country. This effort is put in place to prevent a reduction in fertility rates. Also, the action is to allow for the replacement of workers retiring from the labour force. 

Due to this action by the Canadian government, Canada recorded its fastest pace of population growth since 1957 in the second quarter of this year. This landmark would not have been possible without the current high rate of immigration to the country.

Canadian Visa Expert stated that owing to the positive impact of immigration on Canada’s economy, the country is making more efforts to admit higher numbers of immigrants in the future.

"Canada has recently increased its effort to allow the migration of working-age immigrants into the country."

Median Age and Countries with the Youngest Populations

The median age is a key measure of a country’s age distribution. This measure divides the population into two parts of equal size. From reports, countries like Niger, Uganda and Angola have the world’s youngest median ages of about 15.