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Immigrants Who Studied in Canada Excel in the Workplace

According to Canadian Visa Expert, receiving an education in Canada is a good pathway to workplace success. Statistically, those in the Canadian workforce who received their education inside Canada have a median income of $52,000 Canadian dollars compared to $43,000 Canadian dollars for those who received their education outside of Canada.

Canadian Visa Expert also points out that immigrants who are trained in Canada outperform other immigrants in the labor market. For instance, a Canadian education could allow immigrants to find jobs that match their education and position them well for career growth.

Limitless opportunities for immigrants who study in Canada

In Canada, newcomers with a foreign degree have a 54% likelihood of underemployment, which is equal to about 31% underutilization rate among non-immigrant workers. 

Immigrants with a Canadian bachelor’s degree or higher have a 32% likelihood of being underemployed or working in occupations that require more education than their actual academic achievement.

Canadian Visa Expert could also establish that there are discrepancies in the earning gaps between immigrants with a Canadian education and those without. According to Statistics Canada, in 2022, applicants with Canadian study experience enjoyed a considerable earnings advantage in the first two years after immigration over those without Canadian study experience.

The factors responsible for these earnings gaps include:

  • Language proficiency 
  • Pre-immigration Canadian work experience

It has been established that immigrants who received a Canadian education excel and outperform in the workplace. A Canadian education offers immigrants invaluable opportunities and leverages them over those without. It helps immigrants overcome structural biases in the labour force and find more befitting jobs with better prospects.