Canadian Visa Expert: Forest

Man Living in Canada Forest Has Tips for Self-Isolating

A highly forested region of Norfolk County, Ontario, is home to Adam Shoalts

Over 25 percent of the land is covered in trees in the southwestern part of the province. Shoalts likes nothing more than to be out in nature and alone. He was social distancing before it was cool to do so, he said. Shoalts is an explorer at heart, a historian, a demographer, and an archaeologist. The Royal Canadian Geographical Society called him an “Explorer-in-Residence,” meaning he is free to frame expeditions sponsored by the esteemed society. The Toronto Star named him “Canada’s Indiana Jones.” The land is vast in Canada, and there are plenty of places to enjoy nature.

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When asked for tips on handling isolation as we have experienced over the past few months, Shoalts laughed. He said he doesn’t reflect on it but takes each day as it comes. He doesn’t think too deeply or allow it to get too much in his head. He said you do what needs done every day and take the tasks as they come. His advice is to be flexible, not overwhelmed by challenges. He said it is like the expression, ‘if life hands you lemons.’ If life hands you a pandemic and everything gets shut down, adjust accordingly. You just do what you need to do and do not overthink it.

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