55,000 Canadian Jobs Added In May 2017


The monthly Canadian jobs far exceeded expectations with 55,000 new positions added in Canada. The forecast had been only a 15,000 jobs increase for May 2017. It was reported that 77,000 full-time employees were added in Canada, and 22,000 part-time posts were lost. Many new positions came from within the private sector. These figures show the most robust increase in a 12-month span since February 2013. The booming May 2017 figure shows the Canadian economy has added 317,000 jobs in the past year.

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Manufacturing firms added 25,000 new positions and the healthcare sector added 15,000 jobs. Every province grew in job creation, while Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia hired 47,000 employees among the three of them. To work and live in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Expert for help in the process.