Bill Gates Praises Canada for ‘enlightened’ Immigration Policy

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft praised the open approach Canada is taking to immigration. The willingness to allow thousands of Syrian refugees into the country is an “enlightened” move that will strengthen Canada’s business sector, according to Gates. He believes Canada is positioned well with strong universities and good policies.

He said one real asset is the “more enlightened immigration policies than most countries have.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was commended for his role in assisting refugees fleeing the conflict in the Middle East. Gates said Trudeau wants people to remember about openness and welcoming refugees in the right way. If you would like to live and work in this accepting country, contact Canadian Visa Experts for more information.

The government in Canada sped up the immigration process in 2014 by removing the labour market impact assessments for Microsoft foreign employees. The governor of Washington state, Jay Inslee, and the premier of British Columbia, Premier Christy Clark, has supported the idea of expansion of an innovation gateway between the two regions. They are hoping to strengthen research endeavors aiming at finding a cancer cure.

The two also collaborated on the possibility of expanding academic degree programs to start in one country and finish across the border. There was also talk of linking Ph.D. degrees to citizenship offers. This progressive country is an excellent place to work and live with your family. Canadian Visa Experts is a great place to begin your immigration move.