Canadian Immigration Program Helps Small Town Find Workers

As Canada’s immigration and refugee policy is being heatedly debated, the small town of Morden has experienced a doubling of its population in the last ten years. Most of the growth can be linked to foreign workers being recruited to Manitoba through the provincial nominee program. Sathiyaseela Ramesh along with her family tried to leave India and immigrate to Canada for many years. It was finally available through the strategic recruitment program. Ramesh said, “Once we came here on an exploratory visit, I got a job offer…and then Manitoba nominated me to get permanent residence status in Canada.” If you are considering relocating to Canada to live and work, contact Canadian Visa Expert for more information. They and their team of experts can help you explore the options available to you and your family.

Immigration coordinator for Morden, Shelly Voth, said the change in the community is for the best. She mentioned how incredible the diversity in the school system and the different cultures represented is for everyone. The diversity is most seen at Deasil Custom Sewing, where employees sew vests and coats for an international clothing company. Over 90 percent of the employees are immigrants who came through the provincial nominee program.  The community is friendly and open to everyone. Morden had a population of 8,668 in 2015, but is at 9,000 now.

Living in such a welcoming community is possible for you and your family. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for help with the entire immigration process. They can explain all of your options to you.