Canadians Can Hire You!

Canadian Visa Expert works each day with skilled foreign workers from all over the world who are seeking jobs in Canada. Canadian hiring agencies, employers, and recruitment agencies should contact us immediately, as we have a program specifically designed to facilitate the employment of skilled foreign workers who want to immigrate to Canada.

The Canadian Employment Partnership Program was created to help HR directors, employers, and recruitment firms find the skilled and qualified workers they need to fill vacancies for Canadian jobs.

Canadian Visa Expert has resources in over 120 countries, and we can provide the CVs and resumes of our clients to firms who are looking for job openings in Canada.

We have foreign workers from a wide range of occupations including management, administration, medical, construction, accounting, oil and gas, engineering, transportation, technology, and more.

The Canadian Employment Partnership Program can be a great asset for you and your clients, so contact us today to get more information!

conference-room-768441_1280At Canadian Visa Expert, we are a reliable and trustworthy source for foreign workers who are skilled and qualified to work in Canadian businesses and corporations.

Our customer base reaches over forty million clients that are skilled professionals with degrees from colleges or universities, skilled tradesmen and women, tech experts, caregivers, and other positions that are in high demand.

We guarantee that our clients have the skills that are needed, so you can have the confidence that we will take care of your employment needs.

If you need candidates who are capable and qualified, the Canadian Employment Partnership Program through Canadian Visa Expert can fill the need for you.

We don’t require any advanced payment from you, as we operate totally on a “success fee basis.” Therefore, it’s a guaranteed win for you, as we can help fill your employment gaps with little effort.

For more information on how our Canadian Employment Partnership Program can benefit your HR or job recruitment firm, contact Canadian Visa Expert today!