Canadian Visa Expert - Timmins, Ontario

Dubai Family Settles in Small Town after Moving to Canada

People migrate to Canada because of different reasons. According to Canadian Visa Expert, a Dubai-based family decided to relocate to a small town in Canada in search of something permanent.

Timmins, Ontario, is a small town of about 41,000 people, according to the 2021 Census. The town is popular for its vast open-pit mine, which serves as a notable downtown attraction.

Canadian Visa Expert says Timmins is about an eight-hour drive north of Toronto.
Recently, the heart of Gold Town has experienced an influx of immigrants as a result of the pilot project in 11 rural and northern Canadian communities willing to grant people permanent residency status.

People Living in Timmins, Ontario

Family moves to Timmins, Ont. to find something permanent

Everard and Ifeoma Kasimanwuna moved to Canada in 2021, just nine months after submitting their permanent residency application.

Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that Timmins offered Everard the job he wanted, a home he could afford, lots of fluffy snow to enjoy all winter and a swift route to permanent resident status. As a veterinary doctor in Dubai, Everard was “living the life” because the pay was great and there was lots of luxury around.

“My friends are always puzzled when I informed them I moved from Dubai to a small town in Canada, asking me if I were in my right state of mind to make such a decision.”

According to Everard’s wife, it was a big decision for their family and they decided to pursue it because it gives that permanence that the UAE could not offer.