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International Students Have Advantages in the Canadian Job Market

According to Canadian Visa Expert, international students have advantages in the Canadian job market. By the time international students complete their college programs, they have significantly narrowed down on factors that might limit their employability and job-market readiness.

Gaining a higher education in Canada significantly reduces skills underutilization or the mismatch between their education levels and their jobs.

Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that skills underutilization is especially more pronounced among people trained for industries which are currently plagued by labor shortages.

Statistics showing the impact of Canadian education on jobs

Statistically, from the 2021 Census, 30% of immigrants to Canada with a degree in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or optometry worked in unrelated fields, compared to just 4.5% of non-immigrants also educated in these fields.

Canadian Visa Expert says when an immigrant is highly academically accomplished before moving to Canada, there is less likelihood of them finding jobs that match their education. 

Factors responsible for job mismatch include:

  • Higher barriers to entry associated with higher-skilled jobs
  • There is a greater lack of recognition of foreign degrees than foreign certificates or diplomas
  • Greater reliance on language skills in jobs typically requires a university degree

However, when immigrants receive their education in Canada, the gap associated with labor market underutilization disappears.

A Canadian education is key to achieving success in the Canadian job market. Therefore, using the international student stream is a more efficient source of Canadian immigration and is key to unlocking labor productivity.

According to Canadian Visa Expert, international students who study in Canada do far better in the workforce than those who don’t as well as their non-immigrant peers.