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Immigrant in Alberta Became Successful Businessman

Canada is a land of opportunity for immigrants. According to Canadian Visa Expert, many immigrants who can barely survive or lead a good life in their home country enter Canada and start thriving.

These struggle-to-comfort and rags-to-riches stories are commonplace among immigrants in Canada. 

Canadian Visa Expert could confirm Bob Dhillon is a typical example of an immigrant who moved from rags to riches. Bob Dhillon is a Sikh immigrant who has built a $3-billion-dollar business from the ground up.

In a chat with Donna Kennedy-Glans, Dhillon shared his experience and insights on what it takes for an immigrant like him to succeed in Canada.

How Bob Dhillon’s story changed from rags to riches

Bob Dhillon moved to northeast Calgary with his family, away from civil unrest in Liberia, at the age of 12 years. The businessman had always been audacious from his childhood.

Canadian Visa Expert could establish that at age 19, Bob executed his first business in real estate when he borrowed some money at an 18 per cent interest rate to buy, renovate and resell two distressed houses during Calgary’s 1985 downturn.

From there, Dhillon continued, and now he is the founder and CEO of Mainstreet Equity Corp., a public company with about 16,000 buildings in nineteen cities across western Canada.

As a result of his meritorious service to Canada’s economy, Dhillon was awarded the Order of Canada in late 2021, alongside several others. The award recognises individuals who “desire a better country” for Canada.

Dhillon is a focused businessman who wants entrepreneurship and affirmative action programs incorporated into school curricula.