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Immigrants Celebrate Canada Day in Montreal

Canada is a diversified nation with beautiful cultures. Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that the recent Canada Day was celebrated in Montreal in grand styles among citizens and immigrants.

Montreal’s Canada Day parade featured an array of cultures cutting across individuals with varying backgrounds and cultural heritages. Though the weather was thundering with raindrops, people were ready to express themselves and experience the rainbow of cultures on display.

According to Canadian Visa Expert, different people shared their experiences and how Canada has become their home.

Interaction with participants at the Canada Day celebration in Montreal

Suping Xie is one of the participants of the Canada Day celebration in Montreal. As a member of the Chinese community in Canada, she was elated to be a part of the Canada Day celebration alongside her friends.  

In her words:

“We just wanted to celebrate the day for Canada. Today is an opportunity to interact with my friends and other Chinese people. I am here for all the celebration has to offer.”

Canadian Visa Expert could establish that Xie and her friends could not join the Canada Day celebration in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Because we live here, we hope Canada becomes more and more great and beneficial for all. I love Canada,” Xie concluded.

Sean Rogers is another attendee of the Canada Day celebration in Montreal who came with his three children. He came to the event from North Carolina, though he’s originally from British Columbia.

In his words:

“I am here to show my children a little experience of Canada. Its multicultural heritage and how the country celebrates. I’m proud to be Canadian.”