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NEEDS Program Assists Immigrant Children in Winnipeg

According to Canadian Visa Expert, the Newcomers Employment and Education Development Services Inc. (NEEDS) assists immigrant children and young adults in finding their place in Canada. Everyone knows that immigrants’ integration into the Canadian system could sometimes be challenging, especially if immigrants come from a non-English speaking country. 

The NEEDs Program provides services, including employment for youth, recreation programs and educational programs such as the introduction to Canadian education workshop for kids between 6 and 21 years.

Canadian Visa Expert could confirm that the impact of this program in Winnipeg is huge. Children of immigrants from non-English speaking countries are now being taught how to communicate in English, and young adults are being prepared for Canadian employment.

Impact of NEEDS Program on Immigrant Children in Winnipeg

Besides the educational and job-preparedness training that NEEDS provides, the organization is also known to provide psychological support to counter common issues new immigrants face. 

For instance, some immigrants experience culture shock or have difficulty making new friends. Canadian Visa Expert says the NEEDS Program provides individual or group orientation activities to new immigrants on various topics to enhance confidence building and integration.

The employment assistance workshops provided for newcomers between 16 and 25 have also helped many get their first job in Canada.

For instance, Pierre Nzrita, 21, moved with his aunt and cousins to Winnipeg from Burundi in 2022. Since enrolling in the NEEDS workshop, he has started gaining the required skills to enter the Canadian job market.

“It’s hard to find a job in Canada as a newcomer, especially if you don’t know English well. Now I am learning to speak English, write my resume and face job interviews,” said Nzrita.