Canadian Visa Expert - Guyana

Woman from Guyana Establishes Canadian Business

Vanessa Simon is a young immigrant woman from Guyana who has decided to introduce her Guyanese staple to the Waterloo community of Canada.

Vanessa is doing this through the establishment of her local food business, called Vanessa’s Cuisine. Canadian Visa Expert says the young foodpreneur recently launched a new product called the Bake Mix.

Vanessa started learning how to cook at a very young age. Being the eldest child of her family, she always watched and learned techniques from her mother and grandmother as they cooked. As such, she started cooking as early as age eight.

This childhood experience brought to life the traditional Guyanese baking mix. Canadian Visa Expert says this product is available for sale in some specialty food stores in the Waterloo Region.

Vanessa says her food business is passion, connection, and love for her.

Canadian Visa Expert Highlights the Components of Vanessa Cuisine’s Bake Mix

These components include:

  • Flour
  • Salt
  • Baking powder
  • Yeast
  • Touch of sugar.

The Bake Mix is combined with water, shortening and margarine to make a tasty bake.

Vanessa explains that bake is a versatile pastry that can be eaten any time of the day. The tasty pastry can be eaten with saltfish or even with eggs.

The production of Bake Mix from Vanessa’s Cuisine required some critical steps, says Canadian Visa Expert. The processes include measuring ingredients, testing recipes, and packaging and label development.

The food business owner highlights that the Waterloo community has been supportive of her cooking business. As a result, she now has the inspiration to expand her business into commercial food production.