Canadian Visa Expert - London, Ontario

Organization Helps New Immigrants Settle in London, Ontario

The London Cross Cultural Learning Centre (CCLC) is marking its 55th anniversary this year. Canadian Visa Expert emphasizes that the community organization is of great help in supporting the settlement of new immigrants in Ontario.

The CCLC helps in:

  • providing settlement services and support to new immigrants
  • providing advocacy and support in accessing social services, local healthcare and education
  • promoting intercultural awareness and understanding

Valerian Marochko, the executive director of the organization, explains how the settlement services work. The refugees coming to Canada through the federal government’s resettlement assistance program will be arriving first at the reception centre. They will spend about five weeks at the centre, said the director. 

Canadian Visa Expert highlights that the refugees’ stay at the reception centre used to be for only three weeks, however, securing permanent housing can take a lot of work. Thus, the temporary accommodation is open to newcomers for about five weeks.

When refugees arrive at the airport, the staff of the organization welcomes them. They also inform the newcomers about safety in the temporary accommodation.

The Cross Cultural Learning Centre in London, Ontario, is equipped with a well-furnished bedroom, a youth room and a cafeteria. There is provision of meals that meet both the dietary and cultural needs of the newcomers at the cafeteria, says Canadian Visa Expert.

At the reception centre, the residents also learn some life skills. These include where to go grocery shopping, how to take children to school, etc.

The CCLC shows the great support the Canadian community has for immigrants. The newcomers are thus very grateful for Canada and its citizens.