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Immigrants Build New Lives in Canada While Keeping Traditions

Immigrants in Canada embrace a new life when they get to Canada without losing the touch of their roots. Canadian Visa Expert points out that there are certain traditions from their home countries immigrants stay involved in to make them settle in properly.

In a recent event held by CBC, some immigrants related their Canadian immigration stories and how they stay in touch with traditions from back home while building a new life.

How Some Immigrants Maintain Traditions from Back Home

1. Hear from Yanet

Yanet moved to Canada from Cuba because she fell in love with and married a Canadian. She has been living in Canada for four years. 

“I struggled at the beginning because I miss my home, family, and friends a lot”, she said.

“I found a Cuban community here in Windsor where I attend every Friday to Salsa dance. Dancing is a tradition we do back home. Now I enjoy my stay in Canada”, she concluded.

Canadian Visa Expert concluded that though many immigrants like Yanet find Canada cold at first and the winter tough, by engaging in traditions from home, they get to settle in properly. 

"I enjoy my stay in Canada"

2. Hear from Fatimah 

Fatimah is an 11-year-old person who migrated to Windsor from the UK with her family. She got to Canada about three years ago.

She said, “Initially, moving away from other family members who still live in England was difficult.” 

But she concluded that it has become easier now that she participates in drinking tea, a British tradition from back home.

Traditions from Back Home Help Immigrants Settle in Canada

According to Canadian Visa Expert, certain traditions from back home help immigrants feel connected to their home countries even as they build a new life in Canada. Participating in these traditions in Canada enables immigrants to settle in properly and build a community of their roots.