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Record High 70% of New Immigrants Have Jobs in Canada

The employment rate in Canada has received a big boost. According to Canadian Visa Expert, more than 70% of new immigrants who moved to Canada in the last five years have already got jobs in Canada. 

This is a record-high boom in the labor market that is creating plenty of opportunities for immigrants. 

Recent immigrants who landed in Canada within the past five years got job opportunities easier than those who migrated to Canada earlier. Canadian Visa Expert reported that a decade ago, only about 50-60% of immigrants could get a job in Canada within their first five years.

A leading researcher at Statistics Canada, Feng Hou, says, “In the last 10 to 15 years, new immigrants have performed excellently well in the Canadian economy.” 

According to him, the Canadian economy has improved greatly due to their input into the Canadian economy.

Another factor to consider in this record-breaking employment rate is the adoption of a two-step Canadian immigration process by many who become permanent residents. With this process, many individuals who become permanent residents in Canada have already worked as temporary residents. For example, many international students work in Canada during and after their studies, then apply for Canadian permanent residency.

"Similarly, it is noteworthy that these newcomers have benefitted greatly from the tight labor market, which has enabled companies to hire employees across the board,"

Impact of these record-setting employment rates on the economy

Canadian Visa Expert can envision that as Canada increases its immigrant intakes in the coming years, and as more Canadians retire, the percentage of immigrants with jobs in Canada could climb even higher.