Many Jobs in Canada Available for Skilled Foreign Workers

The 2015 ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey reported that in 42 countries around the world, of 41,700 hiring managers, 38% reported having difficulties in filling job positions.

This is the highest number since the 2007 survey. In addition, 54% of managers who hire said that there were definite challenges in finding employees who are qualified in filling the job vacancies, and this was affecting their ability to serve their clients’ needs.

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The report went on to explain that 35% of the employers they reported on said that there weren’t enough people applying for the jobs; 34% said that the people who did apply didn’t have the required skills; 22% of those who applied did not have enough on-the-job experience; 17% lacked soft skills; and 13% of the applicants asked for more money than the employers were willing to pay them.

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visa-programs-FSTC-_380x315-1-300x249The Survey also revealed that the lack of qualified workers varied within the 42 countries that were examined. While 38% of hiring managers all over the world had trouble filling jobs, this number was a high 83% in Japan and a low 11% in Ireland. In Canada, 32% of employers found it challenging to find workers who were qualified.

There is a definite “supply and demand” situation in the Canadian job market right now. The demand for skilled workers has increased, while the supply of skilled workers has decreased. This has created increased salaries for many of the higher-demand jobs within Canada. Canadian Visa Expert can help you determine if you are eligible to work in Canada.

The website has reported that in 2015, Canada had some of the highest salaries for top job positions. Here are some examples: University Professor ($85,717); Construction Manager ($75,005); Dental Hygienist ($70,720); Manager ($83,200); School Principal ($93,995); Air Traffic Controller ($87,360); and Human Resource (HR) Manager ($83,200).

These are the median annual salaries for some of the jobs in Canada that need skilled, experienced workers. Express Entry to Canada is a new system created by the Canadian government to fill these top, high-demand spots more quickly. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today to find if you are eligible to apply!