Skilled Refugees Living Overseas Offered Canadian Jobs

A handful of Canadian companies are in the process of hiring skilled refugees living abroad with the aid of Talent Beyond Boundaries (TBB), a non-profit organization. They have been matching U.S. companies with refugees that have needed skills and are now branching out to Australia and Canada. Bonfire, a Kitchener-based tech company, has hired Syrian refugee Mohammed Hakmi, who is currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. With the help of TBB, Kris Braun, the director of engineering, interviewed and hired Hakmi. If you are considering relocating to Canada for work, contact Canadian Visa Expert. They have a Five-Phase Process to help simplify the Canadian Worker process.


Braun said the talent shortage in Canada is one reason they have begun hiring internationally, but the main purpose was to help refugees. Braun told CBC News, “We were hiring anyway, and we want to support refugees and support Canada’s efforts to welcome refugees.” Hakmi, originally from Syria, has been residing in Lebanon for six years and was offered the position at Bonfire at the end of April 2018. He is eager and excited to relocate to Canada and begin his new job. He said he feels like his aspirations and dreams are alive once again. Canada not only has many job opportunities for you and your family members, but they also have great healthcare for you. Canadian Visa Expert has a team of professionals ready to help you relocate to Canada as quickly as possible.

A candidate for a position at Bonfire would usually start working shortly after accepting the job, but in this case, there is work to be done before Hakmi can settle in the Waterloo region. He was accepted into the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, which nominates candidates who would be able to contribute to Canada’s economy. Braun said, “The whole team has rallied around Mohammed’s immigration case, and we get to celebrate every little win.” Braun said Bonfire is planning to continue working with TBB to hire more refugees in the future potentially. Canadian Visa Expert’s teams are dedicated to helping everyone obtain the visa required to live and work in Canada.