Visas for Canadian Permanent Residency Will Rise to 350,000 by 2021

Canada will be welcoming an additional 40,000 more immigrants next year than it plans to accept this year according to Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. The goal for new arrivals coming to Canada will increase to 350,000, which is close to one percent of the country’s current population. These new figures are part of the government’s updated multi-year Canadian immigration level plans, which will happen over the next three years. Canada is a welcoming country for all immigrants and refugees. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for help applying for the required visa to live and work in Canada. You could begin your new life quickly by allowing their team of professionals to walk you through each step of the process.

Most newcomers arriving from foreign soil are able to immigrate to Canada through economic programs designed to help address skill gaps and shortages in the Canadian labor market. Hussen said economic immigration to Canada is severely needed in regions across the country that are short on employees and long on older residents. “In certain regions the hunger for workers is huge,” he said. The government’s plan is making the country competitive in the global market. It helps Canada to continue being competitive, enables them to continue to show Canada as welcoming and to position the country to stay as a leader in skills attraction, according to Hussen. Canada is a great place to raise your family as there are many opportunities for them. Contact Canadian Visa Expert for assistance.

Several Canadian immigration advocates and economic groups have called for larger increases to the country’s immigration numbers. The government’s economic advisory council even suggested admitting 450,000 newcomers in 2016. The Liberal government is going with a measured approach, realizing the newcomers need suitable settlement services. He said Canada needs to be able to house them, be ready to settle them, and they need integration services when relocating to the country. If you are interested in relocating to Canada, contact Canadian Visa Expert for assistance in the immigration process. They can walk you through every step required so you and your family can start your new life in a timely manner.