Immigration Gives Canada Big Advantages Over America

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada has one big advantage over the U.S. and that is immigration. He commented that the nation is open to immigration and he doesn’t see the United States matching that anytime soon. He said Canadians are very favorable toward immigration, proving why the government can issue visas to the top talent in less than two weeks and welcome one percent of the total population every year. Trudeau said the Canadian people significantly influence his leadership and decision making. He, being the son of the former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (who led the country for 16 years), said he is “much more willing than my father ever was to let Canadians have a say.”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada has one big advantage over the U.S. and that is immigration

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The United States has recently lowered corporate tax rates, but Trudeau said the advantage Canada has on immigration puts Canada ahead in the business world. Chrystia Freeland, the minister of foreign affairs, was the main force behind Canada’s NAFTA negotiations with the U.S. Trudeau said, “We knew that it wasn’t a zero-sum game. The right deal for Canada would go hand-in-hand with the right deal for the United States.” Canadian Visa Expert works with an experienced team of professionals who are authorized immigration consultants and can walk you through the visa process. The Five Phase Process helps to simplify applying for the Canadian worker visa. Contact them today.

Canada is an ethnically diverse country which has great social services and a very high standard of living.

The current demographics of Canada shows that without immigrants, the population will experience a sharp decline in the coming years. The newcomers to the country are maintaining the nation’s economy. Due to these statistics, most Canadian residents are happy to accept all incoming immigrants.

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