There Are More Jobs in Canada Than Before Pandemic

There Are More Jobs in Canada Than Before Pandemic

Employment for women in Canada was substantial for the month of July 2021, with 154,000 of the 157,000 new Canadian jobs going to women. Female employment has bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. Economists expected 60,000 new jobs in Canada at this time, but the job increase was over twice that number. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.9 percent. This makes it the lowest jobless rate since the global crisis began.

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"Before the Covid-19 crisis I worked in retail. I took advantage of the crisis in order to get the job I always dreamed of, and today I am a software developer".

One woman, named Aaliyah, who lost her job due to the pandemic, has found a position. She was working in retail and laid off at the beginning of the pandemic. She used her new free time to follow her dream of becoming a coder. She told a news agency it was the push needed to pursue something she had always wanted. She knew she didn’t want to be in retail forever and is now a software developer. The reason some are not working right now could be due to the Canada recovery benefit. As this program expires, more people could join the workforce. There are many opportunities available for you and your family in Canada. Canada is a land of diversity and welcomes newcomers. For help with the immigration process, contact Canadian Visa Expert. The team of specialists will answer your questions about the process