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Top Canadian Employers Embracing Diversity

Canada’s Best Diversity Employers by Mediacorp is a fantastic annual report. This evaluation helps with the identification of Canadian employers with excellent workplace diversity. Top employers in this list also tend to exhibit inclusiveness programs.

Consideration for this evaluation is open to any business owner with a head office or primary place of business in Canada.

The diversity and inclusiveness initiatives of all the employers that applied are reviewed. This review helps to determine the top employers for diversity, Canadian Visa Expert explained. Organizations in the same field are compared with each other. This comparison helps identify the employers offering the most remarkable diversity initiatives. In the end, the winners are chosen and then represent the diversity leader in their particular field.

Canada's Best Diversity Employers 2023

The 2023 Canada’s Best Diversity Employers identified businesses prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion.

One of the top employers of 2023 was Accenture Inc., Toronto. This organization reviews a monthly Canadian scorecard. This scorecard helps offer metrics around recruitment, gender and attrition. Canadian Visa Expert reported that this feature enables the company to track the progress of its workforce representation goals.

The Bank of Canada, Ottawa, is another leading employer embracing diversity. This company is making a great effort to create a more gender-balanced talent pool for the bank in the future. This organization does this by creating a master’s scholarship program for women in economics and finance.

Properties of Canada's Top Diversity Employers

Canada’s Best Diversity Employers 2023 by Mediacorp contained businesses committed to prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). These companies are using progressive policies and programs to drive change. At the same time, their actions are backed by transparency and accountability at every level.