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Start Your Canadian Job Search with These Top Employers

One of the companies on Canada’s Top Employers 2023 list is The Keg. This restaurant chain was ranked No. 3 out of the top 300 organizations. This company is outstanding because it doesn’t fit into the familiar sectors most honorees fit.

The Keg, which has 97 locations throughout Canada, is known for promoting a pleasant work environment for its employees. The organization also offers its workers, both in the kitchen and the corporate office, the opportunity to grow. 

Canadian Visa Expert concluded that this restaurant is a perfect place for new immigrants in Canada looking for a workplace that supports their growth.

The Keg also organizes diverse staff events. These include karaoke tournaments, ski days and baseball games. 

Some Other High-Ranking Organizations in Canada

Hydro-Québec, the renewable energy utilities company, was the No. 1 company for last year’s rating. The company remained in the top 10 best companies in Canada as it was No. 7 on Canada’s Top Employers 2023 list.

The 2023 high-ranking companies included organizations in the education sector. Some of the institutions are Sheridan College and Carleton University. Some other ones are McMaster University and Concordia University.

According to Canadian Visa Expert, newcomers have many opportunities in Canada irrespective of their field. This is because the top employer’s list comprises companies from different sectors. 

Three technology and software companies were among the top 10 companies in Canada. These organizations are Cisco Systems (No. 8) and Microsoft (No. 9). The third software company is Open Text, ranked No. 10.

About the 2023 Canada's Top Employers Ranking

The Forbes list of top 300 companies in Canada was compiled in partnership with Statista, a market research company. The list created using a survey rated employers on certain attributes. These factors for the rating include the potential for growth, working conditions and work-life balance.