Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to start a business – particularly for immigrant entrepreneurs! According to research released in March 2016 by Statistics Canada, immigrant entrepreneurship in Canada is at a higher rate than entrepreneurship by native-born Canadians.

The report reveals that 4.8% of people born in Canada own a business, compared to 5.3% of immigrants who become business owners within nine years after they immigrate to Canada.

flag-220052_1280Statistics Canada also reported that immigrant entrepreneurs tend to start companies in certain business sectors such as: accommodation, construction, food services, professional services, retail, scientific/technical services, transportation or warehousing.

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Immigrants and entrepreneurs share at least one thing in common; they are both willing to take risks for the chance to find opportunities. One of the benefits of Canadian permanent residency is having the right to work in Canada and the option to start a business.

Since many people who immigrate to Canada dream of owning their own company, Canadian permanent residency and other factors offer them that possibility. No wonder thousands of people contact Canadian Visa Expert seeking information regarding immigration to Canada.

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According to U.S. News Best Countries to Start a Business (2016), Canada is the #4 best country in the world for entrepreneurs.

The report says that Canada has a stable entrepreneur environment; it only takes about two days to establish a new Canadian business; the start-up cost for a new business in Canada is relatively low; plus approximately 75% of all companies started in Canada are still in business two years after being established.

Other recent assessments have also given Canada high marks for having a favorable entrepreneurial environment.

For example, rated Canada the #7 best country for business in December 2015, while considered Canada the #3 place on the planet to start a business and the World Bank’s Doing Business 2016 report ranked Canada #14.

Although these and other assessments vary, they share a similar conclusion: Canada offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to establish businesses. If you want to live and work in Canada, contact Canadian Visa Expert today!