Move to Canada to Find Work

According to data released by Statistics Canada in January of 2016, the employment rate in Canada went up by a net of 158,000 jobs during 2015. This increase includes 151,000 full-time Canadian jobs, and many of them were filled by skilled foreign immigrants.

When looking for a job in Canada, it’s good to know that there are some provinces and territories in Canada that are experiencing very low unemployment rates.

For example, as of January of 2016, Saskatchewan had an unemployment rate of only 5.6%, and Manitoba’s unemployment rate was only 6.1%. Canadian Visa Expert is an immigration service that helps skilled foreign workers with their applications for visas to live and work in Canada.

Some of the territories and provinces of Canada have higher unemployment rates but larger economies. As an example, according to the January 2016 report by Statistics Canada, British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec have the largest number of new jobs in Canada during 2015 in spite of showing higher unemployment rates.

visa-programs-FSTC-_380x315-1-300x249In other statistics, some Canadian cities have low unemployment rates, but the province in which the city is located has a higher unemployment rate.

An example of this would be the cities of Guelph, Ontario (4%), Quebec City, Quebec (5.2%), London, Ontario (5.8%), Regina, Saskatchewan (4.3%), and Vancouver, British Columbia (5.7%). Canadian Visa Expert can help you with your application to get your Canadian visa to get a job in Canada.

Another thing you will want to consider with a Canadian job is the demand for your specific occupation. Some cities, territories, and provinces within Canada may have a higher demand than others for your occupation, regardless of the reported unemployment rate for those areas.

Therefore, it’s important to research your particular profession within an area and not base your decision only upon the unemployment rate figures.

The bottom line is to look for areas in Canada where your particular profession is needed. The Internet is the ideal place to look for jobs in Canada. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today to get help with your application to immigrate to Canada!